Bits of Summer

Many of these were rushed phone pictures, but such is the nature of summer days.  We’ve been harvesting sweet corn, tomatoes and peppers and savoring each eggplant.  Our hands are stained with bug guts and blackberries.  We welcome every summer storm and gust of wind to move the air.  We’re swimming every chance we get and making ice cream each weekend and running up and down the road to those we love.  It’s glut time, with eggs and milk and weeds and weddings running over, and so of course, we get a new kitten.

I’ve been listening to these talks.  And reading this.   And continuing to pray for the persecuted in the Nuba mountains , the unborn, the elderly and the helpless.

I am so thankful to the Lord.  I know I say that every time, but what else can I say?   This beauty is all His grace.

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