Earth’s Lap Grows Lovely

Well.  She has come.

I’ve never been happier to see Spring.

“Actually, Spring is my favorite”, my friend Avery would say.

(As if we were having a conversation about it and someone suggested otherwise.)

But to emphatically confirm the truth never hurts.

So.  Actually Spring is my favorite.


I’ve been wading through Beowulf (Heaney’s translation is awesome) with a friend.

Here is a taste, with a nod to Spring:

“It was a wonderful thing, the way it all melted as ice melts when the Father eases the fetters off the frost and unravels the water-ropes.  He who wields power over time and tide:  He is the true Lord. ”  

“Wind and water raged with storms, wave and shingle were shackled in ice until another year appeared in the yard as it does to this day, the seasons constant, the wonder of light coming over us.  Then winter was gone, earth’s lap grew lovely, longing woke in the cooped-up exile for a voyage home….”


If you haven’t read Beowulf, you should.  But it is my opinion that it must be read out loud…..

To your friends, your family, your dog or even your cat.  I suppose.  If you must.


Lenten Roses (the Latin is Hellebores, no relation to the rose family) are incredible.  They grow in the deep shade and do not need much water.  They are evergreen, deer resistant and goat resistant too (don’t ask me how I know this : D).  But most importantly, they bloom before anything else, even before the daffodils.


The drooping “flower” that you see, in shades of cream, green and pink, is actually not the true flower, but the sepal, or protection for the true flower which is found in the blossom center…


Thus making it perfectly legitimate to lay down in the ivy to see them all.

Soon the flowers will turn into seed pods, but the sepals, though faded, will remain for months.

As I walk past, I often think of the last lines of Joy Davidman’s epitaph, written by Lewis: …. In lenten lands, hereafter may resume them on her Easter Day.

This is such a hopeful time of year.


Here are some pictures from the last few days, with praise to the One who makes all things new!IMG_0042.jpgIMG_0037.jpgIMG_0043.jpgIMG_0068.jpgIMG_0081.jpg

So,  Spring has come- like she always has-  but with no less the wonder and grace.

It’s the same old story, but the one that gives life and meaning to all the others.

Praise the Lord for regeneration, for the glorious fact of life after death and new creation!

For old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

With Harper I shout:  “Hurrah!IMG_0065.jpg

3 thoughts on “Earth’s Lap Grows Lovely

  1. Beautiful, Sarah!

    Now, how did I miss those lovely quotes from Beowulf? I don’t seem to remember reading them, the second one at least…. Which part are they from?


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