the Savannah Rapids

This is one of my favorite places to go.  It’s just 20 minutes away from home and so many good memories are here.  IMG_0025.JPG

I love our local lake.  (I practically grew up on it!  I can show you the Bait Cove, Monkey Island (where they say a real monkey was seen!), Crockett Rocket Hump (named after my dad’s boat, I’m proud to say) and so much more.)

But the River.  The River is something else.


The Savannah River feeds the lake, that feeds me.  It’s fed by the creeks surrounding my world- Gundee, Rays, Stevens and Horn.

The River divides Georgia from South Carolina, so I’ve passed over it many times a week, every week, for 23 years.

“Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go!”


And that grandmother “Nanny” loves the river too.

So we bring her here, on a Festal day- November 25th- to celebrate the goodness of the Lord on her 82d birthday!

And we just watch the water and talk, talk, talk.


Nanny has the most delightful gentle sarcasm-

Me: “You look so pretty today!”

Nanny:  “Oh, yes!  Aren’t I a knockout?!”


She has taught me so much.

How to laugh at yourself, hard and long.

How to pray throughout the day.  (Thank you Lord for this dishwasher, every time she loads it.)

How to sew.  (This is your seam-ripper; this is your new best friend.)

How to drive.  (Get in your lane and stay there!)

Even how to yodel.  (Or at least how to attempt to yodel!)

But mostly these days she teaches me how to slow down…

How to look out the window, as we enjoy our ice cream cone, and say:

“Look at those cars flying!  What would my daddy say about this world?”

She’s one of my favorite people.  When the Lord takes her home, it will be sea and islands with me, as Lewis said.  The great continent will be gone.

But for now, we soak in every minute.

“And Old Man River, he just keeps rolling along.”


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