The Tale of Angus and Scout

Scout came first.

We’d been puppy-poor for far too long.  Daddy was out to fix that.

He was hunting for a collie, because we had a collie mix once that was a wonderful dog.

We found a breeder.

The Scottish man told us that “collie” meant “useful” in the Gaelic.

We said, “Cash or check?”

And so she came.


With her bright smart eyes she came.

And then there was Angus.

We did not look for him, we did not pay for him, we weren’t sure what to think of him.

But he was ours.


He came with his tiny-ness, his scrappiness, his stillness.

Scout found someone to herd.  Angus found someone to watch over him.


And we found that two puppies are better than one.


2 thoughts on “The Tale of Angus and Scout

    1. Wow! A comment from a famous lady! : )
      Thank you! I anguished long over Scout’s name. It’s a good idea to give a Border Collie a one-syllable name, because you’ll be yelling it so much : / I’ve always loved Scout from “To Kill A Mockingbird” and shortly before I got the pup I met a young girl who was the express picture of that character. So the name came to me and I thought it was perfect.
      Angus came from a book too- from the Crown and Covenant Series by Douglas Bond. I planned to call him “Gus” for short, but he is refusing to respond to that! So Angus it is.
      Thanks for asking! : )


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