A Disclaimer

I do not live in a bubble of loveliness.

I do have a lovely home.  But I’m not always at home.  And even at home, sometimes I have to search for it.  Sometimes I’ve got to look in the dead leaves for the inch worm.


I love inch worms.

And sometimes it’s like a hunt for the white-stag and I never catch it.  So I go put my camera up, eat some left-overs and try again tomorrow.

(And I don’t even have a pretty little picture to illustrate this.)

This is not about the loveliness of Sarah’s world.

Because this little dog that sleeps in my bed, he’s got fleas.


Yes, and so do I.

This is about the loveliness of God’s world.

He’s there with you too.  Everywhere I go I see him, says one of my favorite songs.

And it’s true.      So-

This little cyber-page is not an announcement of the beauty that is just eating me up all the time.

It’s a testimony of the beauty that is eating all of us up all the time, if we let it.

So here’s to looking for the loveliness of things.


And here’s to finding it.

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